Zenith by Night

Zenith beach in Port Stephens has to be one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen. The Tomaree headland prominently stands at the North end of the beach and in my opinion it has a very picturesque form. This photo was taken from the South end of the beach one evening while the moon was rising in the East (left of the photo). The main source of the glow however, was a street light in a nearby car park.

The Power of Leading Lines

One of the most important things in photography is capturing a good composition. Often the simplest compositions are the best. Leading lines are probably my favourite element to include in compositions because they draw the eye through the image to a focus point, simplifying all the elements. See the below photos for examples of leading lines.

Tasmania Wrap Up

I recently had a 2 week holiday travelling around Tasmania with my wife and 1 year old daughter. Whenever I could, I took the opportunity to get out and take some photos. In this post I will be showing my Tasmania photos and describing a little of the behind the scenes.

Chasing the Light

This month I am sharing a new photo taken at Anna Bay at a place I call ‘prayer rock’ (it’s near Anna Bay Reef). For this sunset there were absolutely no clouds around the sun leaving a relatively boring sky. To the East however, I noticed some high and wispy clouds which I know from experience reflect beautiful colours after the sun drops below the horizon.

The Difference 15 Minutes Can Make

This is a short post that shows the difference 15 minutes can make to the light on a scene. These two photos were taken at Cellito beach on the North coast of NSW (near Forster). One before sunset and the other about 15 minutes later. The mood in each photo is completely different despite this short period of time.

One element that can make or break the scene for a landscape photo

It has been a slow month for my landscape photography. In fact I haven’t taken a single photo (the longest period without shooting since I got my camera). We have seen long periods of overcast, rainy and windy days as well as a week where there was not a single cloud in the sky. Neither situation is usually conducive to beautiful landscape photos.