The Power of Leading Lines

One of the most important things in photography is capturing a good composition. Often the simplest compositions are the best. Leading lines are probably my favourite element to include in compositions because they draw the eye through the image to a focus point, simplifying all the elements. See the below photos for examples of leading lines.


In the above photo, to me there are 3 distinct lines leading to the focus point (the headland) – the edges of the break wall and the  left most concrete path edge. These lines, whilst not that interesting in themselves, make a clear direction for our eyes through the photo.


The Way

In this image, the pathway cuts through the chaos of the rain forest leading to a sun soaked section in the centre of the composition.


Stream to The Sun

The storm water path in the beach pictured above made a perfect foreground element and leading line to the rising sun. I positioned the camera so the the lines would wrap from right to left and then right again to take the eye through more of the frame and remove as much plain beach as possible.

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