Tasmania Wrap Up

I recently had a 2 week holiday travelling around Tasmania with my wife and 1 year old daughter. Whenever I could, I took the opportunity to get out and take some photos. In this post I will be showing my Tasmania photos and describing a little of the behind the scenes.

The first photo was taken on the East cost in Coles Bay. I got up early one morning to take some photos of the Hazards (small mountains near the point in Freycinet National Park). The colours in the sky turned out pretty good and this 2 shot panorama was the pick of the various compositions I tried.


Later in the day we went for a walk down to wineglass bay. In an attempt to capture something different than the masses of photos taken of this beach; we walked to the middle of the beach and climbed a small hill. To get the entire width of the scene I needed to take 3 photos and stitch them together. On this day there was a very strong on-shore breeze which made the bay look very choppy and unappealing, so I took another set of 3 shots with my dark ND filters allowing me to get 20 second long exposures. I used the sky and water from these exposures in the final shot.


After spending a couple of days on the East coast, we drove North and then West to Launceston. On the way stopped at St Columbia falls which had a beautiful walk through a rainforest before reaching the falls. The falls themselves were not too picturesque but there was a small creek just before the falls that caught my eye. To get this shot I needed to get into the creek. It was painfully cold, but thankfully my legs from the shins below went numb which allowed me to take several photos moving the tripod around for the best perspective. The final shot was worth the effort.

St-Colmbia Falls Reserve


After Launceston we drove to Cradle Mountain for 2 nights. This was the highlight of our trip. Cradle mountain is amazing. The first photo shown below was actually my third attempt at the same composition (I tried two sunsets and one sunrise in total). I absolutely loved being high up and alone during these times watching either the sun go up or the sun go down. The views were stunning. This photo shows Cradle Mountain, Hansons Peak, Dove Lake, the Twisted Lakes and Marions Lookout.


At 4:30 am on one of the mornings, I arrived at the car park to find Dove Lake smooth as a mirror and the milky way up ahead. I quickly set up at the waters edge and took a single 30 second exposure at ISO 3200. It turned out quite well.

Cradle at night

After cradle mountain we had a short stop at beautiful Sisters Beach in the North West followed by a couple of days in Strahan. After Strahan we drove over to Hobart for 4 nights. One of the highlights in Hobart was visiting Mt Field. There is a 2 hour walk at the base of Mt Field that takes you through rain forests to 3 different waterfalls.  The first was Russel Falls:

Russel Falls

The day we visited was overcast which is perfect for waterfall shots. It was actually raining when I took this photo so I did my best to keep the lens filter free of water drops. My daughter loved being in the carrier for this walk. She tilted her head back and gazed at the tree canopy above, amazed at all the new sights.

After the bush walk, we drove up Mt Field to the alpine area. By this time it was extremely windy but the beauty of the area could still be seen from the car. It would been even better if it were blanketed with snow.

In closing, Tasmania is amazing and well worth a visit, particularly if you like landscape photography. The diversity and natural beauty is amazing for such a relatively small place.


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