When to choose black and white over colour

I have recently returned from a trip to Sydney and while I wasn’t specifically there to take photos, I found some time to get out there and have a go:

The first thing you will probably notice is that all the photos are black and white. I thought I would write a short blog as to why this is the case.

Most modern digital cameras capture images in colour. The photographer then has the choice to convert the image to black and white with editing software, or on some cameras this can be done with the jpeg file conversion built into the camera. Doing so simplifies the photo as you are going from multiple colours to only two (assuming black and white are both considered colours).

I personally choose black and white when the colours of the scene are adding nothing to the photo. In all the photos above, the sky was overcast and there were no colours that significantly added impact or dimension; so I simplified them with black and white. This allows the viewer to focus on the subject with less distraction and makes the composition of the image stand out.

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