Eye of The Storm

The below photo was taken at Morna Point during a stormy sunset. It was an amazing experience watching the dark clouds slowly roll towards me. The lightning strikes were back-lit by the yellow glow of the setting sun and the distant booms of thunder intensified as the storm got closer.

“Eye of The Storm” – Morna Point
“Eye of The Storm” – Morna Point

 I stood at this location holding down my tripod in the wind taking photo after photo of the same composition (41 in total). The best of the lot was number 37, which is what you can see in the end result (after editing of course).

I used a neutral density filter (like sunglasses for camera lens’s) to reduce the light into the camera which allowed me to take long exposures. I did this for two reasons; first, so that I could capture as much lighting as possible and second, so that I could capture a milky smooth look to the water. The final shot was a 25 second exposure.

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