Composition Behind ‘Zenith’

The below photo was taken at Zenith beach early one morning and it has to be one of my favorites so far:

One of the most important things for capturing an impacting photo is getting a composition that implies depth (i.e. one that is not flat). The most common way to do this is get up close to an interesting foreground to contrast against something in the distance. A wide angle lens emphasizes depth even more by making near objects look big, and far objects look small.

In the above photo, I chose the group of rocks as the foreground and the rising sun as the focus point. I had to set up the camera tripod quite low to the ground to get close enough.

In addition to the foreground, this photo has lines leading the eye to the sun as the focal point – the headland outline, the horizon and the reflected sun. All these things make it an impacting composition.

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