First Post and Behind the Scenes of “Salt Bush”

Thanks for checking out my blog.

To kick this thing off, I though I would share the story behind the “Salt Bush Photo”:

I spent this evening walking around Stockton sand dunes (see this link for more info on Stockton: trying to find a good composition.

I had originally found a good spot looking out over the ocean but after waiting 15 minutes, I realised the sky was not going to work out for this angle. With the light fading, I quickly looked around and saw this bush. After taking several test shots, I ended up moving up nice and close to the bush with the above photo as the result. I love the simplicity of this photo and the balance of colours.

If I had stayed with my original composition, I would have missed this shot. Thinking about this, I realised there is a lesson here: if we are so set on doing something a certain way, we may miss out on the opportunities that present themselves.

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